In the city of Naga, the downtown area is called centro. And right at its heart, one hotel dares to re-define comfort and convenience at its best. That is Nagaland Hotel, a three – storey edifice that offers fifty – one (51) rooms from standard to deluxe, an in–room internet access and wi-fi service at its cafe. The hotel is owned and operated by Nagaland Development Corporation.

Comfort comes in its spacious rooms and wide beds, modern and state of the art bathroom fixtures like closet shower room with hot and cold water, and amenities like van service to and from the airport; and to the city’s business and entertainment centers by request. Located at the third floor are 34 standard rooms that offer single, double, queen size beds at an affordable rate that goes from 900 – 1,200 pesos. Located at the second floor are 17 deluxe rooms with queen, king, queen & single size beds, and serial ports for internet access. For these rooms, the rate goes from 1,600 – 2,200 pesos where the fast becoming standard among hotels: the room access key card is available. Beddings are of quality fabrics and always come smelling freshly washed and ironed. But as a water conservation measure, beddings are changed based on occupants request. In – room lighting vary from bright white light for reading or business work, to incandescent night time subdued lighting suited for the most awaited quiet and peaceful sleep. For the quest who finds it hard to go out and eat, (standard or deluxe rooms) have a bar and refrigerator stuffed with light snacks food and drinks; or may avail of the food that the cafe offers and have them brought to the room. Air-conditioning is maintained for a cool ambiance. The room aisles are carpeted to reduce noise and disturbance of footsteps for the relaxing and sleeping guests. Voice and movements of hotel personnel are minimized yet without sacrificing quality of service. Over – all ambiance is peace and quiet, something hard to find in the middle of a bustling city like Naga. And for the guest who is afraid to bring large amount of cash, access to major credit cards services is just a swipe away.

Convenience is experienced starting with a cafe located right at the ground floor. It also offers meals from breakfast to lunch and dinner, snacks and sandwiches, and the current and most sought after hot and cold coffee variants. For the cyber addict guest or the entrepreneur who wants to track his business and financial affairs, the world wide web is just a click away through its wi-fi service. All guests can avail of the complimentary breakfast at the cafe. But convenience is not just within the hotel. At the ground floor of the hotel building, one can find a drugstore, a bank with ATM machine, and pawnshop. And right across the hotel is its twin edifice, the Nagaland E – Mall which is also owned and operated by Nagaland Development Corporation. The mall offers the hotel guest access to grocery, bread and bakeshop, boutiques and department store, e-gadgets and gizmos stores, a food section, and a money and dollar exchange booth. (Do hotels connected to malls in Manila come to mind?)

As the best example of comfort and convenience within your reach, a growing trend and practice now in weddings, entourage and family members are booked in hotels. And Nagaland Hotel’s comfort and convenience are best experienced by these wedding personages, of course by way of their stay at the hotel, and the easy access to whatever errands and last minute needs “within their reach” like accidental run of stockings and needs replacement, or the best man’s toast where the champagne and wine have not been purchased yet. Of course, all these can be found at the nearby mall. Not to mention by the way, that right across the mall is the San Francisco Church, a favorite among wedding couples especially after its renovation to Baroque style and taste.

It is also a second favorite among guests and tourists who frequent the CWC (Cam. Sur Water Sports Complex)

simply because of the same concept of “comfort and convenience within your reach” for their water ski needs like extra board shorts, swim and bath suits, or even pairs of slippers which the nearby apparel, boutiques and department store of the mall surely can provide.

For the guest who brought his own vehicle, the hotel has ample parking space not to mention the basement parking at the mall which the hotel guest may opt to use.

In-house laundry can be availed also at an affordable rate. Hotel staff and personnel give the best quality of service they could provide.

But one best kept secret of the hotel is a window and high angle view of the passing procession of Our Lady of Penafrancia, the patroness of Bikol, comes every September of the year. At least five rooms each on the second and third floors have this view which the hotel guest may witness twice. One when the image is brought to the nearby Naga Cathedral and two, when it is brought back to its Basilica via fluvial (through a body of water like the Bikol river) procession after a nine-day stay at the Cathedral. Hotel guest may also chance upon street parades or be hotel mates of Manila-based performers invited to do concerts and special events as part of the fiesta celebration. Nagaland Hotel is favored by most event organizers because of its proximity to the city‘s concert venue and the plaza.

Fairly rated as a three-star hotel, it just simply operates by what it claims; “comfort and convenience within your reach”, where, by its rate, makes the hotel affordable to its clients and guests.

So the next time you are in search of a hotel that spells “comfort and convenience within your reach, Nagaland Hotel is the place to be. (Telephone numbers 054-473-2111 / 473-6767) and (02)-475.36.02

WRITER: Noel Volante
NEWSPAPER: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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